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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
January 31, 2018

President Donald J. Trump
This is the man who could have gone down in history as having:
  • Deported the illegal aliens and protected his country from further mestizo invasion by building a southern border wall.
  • 'Drained the swamp' in Washington D.C. and in the process made a real start toward fixing his own corrupt, severely cuckolded Republican Party.
  • Investigated, charged, convicted, and locked up 'crooked Hillary' Clinton.
  • Started some of the critical processes needed so desperately in order to save our country from the politically-correct leftists and Marxists and the so-called 'Antifa' (anti-White and anti-free-speech) insurrectionists.  And from all the political bribery (perpetrated primarily by the Jews, using their terrible power of the purse) and the constant electoral and political coercion via the Jews' control of the press.  And from the unrelenting cultural distortion and destruction brought about by near-total Jewish domination of our news and entertainment media.  And, perhaps most importantly, from the constant, 'deep-state' conspirational activities (tantamount to treason and sedition) exhibited on a daily basis by our Jewified mainstream news media, renegade actors within agencies such as the FBI, Democrat politicos, and DNC operatives (their efforts to overthrow our government by bringing down our duly elected president on the basis of malicious slander and innuendo, illicit accusations, and the constant drumbeat of undeserved negativity).
  • Taken urgent and critically necessary steps toward saving his people (White Americans) from social/political dispossession and their impending genocide.
  • Reduced the chances of major wars (and quite possibly a nuclear World War III) by cooperating with Russia and getting us out of all the Jew-provoked conflicts in the Middle East.

President Donald J. Trump
But, sad to say, This is the man who:
  • Has apparently turned his back on a genuine opportunity to partner with Russia in guaranteeing peace and order in this world in coming years.
  • Appointed the embarrassingly inept, histrionic and shameless warmonger, and 'barely American' Nikki Haley (ethnically an Indian Sikh, nee Nimrata Randhawa) as our Ambassador to the United Nations.
  • Has bestowed unwarranted stature and authority upon, and listened to the counsel and advisement of, his unqualified and loyalty-conflicted Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka (Kushner's wife, Jewess by conversion).
  • Seems to be on the verge of caving in to the Democrats, and the 'cuckservatives' of the mainline Republican Party, on the immigration issue by effectively granting amnesty to almost two million DACA so-called 'dreamers' (illegal-alien mestizos).
  • Seems to be hell-bent on serving the interests of the Israelis and our homegrown Jews who control the U.S. Government (thereby preventing it from serving the best interests of America and majority Americans) (for example by blaming Syria for poison gas attacks on their people and then bombing Syrian facilities, by announcing the relocation of our embassy to Jerusalem, by taking such a strong and even irrational anti-Iran position, and by demonizing Russia's reasonable and appropriate efforts to protect its interests in Ukraine and the Crimea).
  • By doing the Jews' bidding on so many fronts, is at risk of furthering the destruction not only of his own people and his country, but of the civilized world.
Yes, I know -- he has made some worthwhile efforts, done some things right, and said some things that needed to be said.  For all of that, he deserves our deepest gratitude and continued support.  And maybe he just needs more time -- after all, he has just been on the job for the first year of his first term.  But it remains to be seen whether he will carry through with several of his most important campaign promises and do the truly important things that need to be done.  And some of his utterances and actions up to this point, such as his inclination to serve Israel's foreign policy interests as opposed to our own, and his apparently offering to grant amnesty and eventual citizenship to nearly two million illegal aliens, are truly worrisome.

How then will Donald Trump be remembered by history?  As a genuine hero of his time, or as a deceptive and disgusting traitor to the people who elected him?  Or somewhere in between, but leaving us when all is said and done with a lethal dose of the status quo?

So we are still left twisting in the wind, waiting and wondering:  Which will turn out to be the Real Donald Trump?

Friday, November 11, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
November 11, 2016

It's different now, you 'complicit and culpable' Jews.  We, the White people of America and other White nations of the world, are on to you and your nefarious and deadly anti-White thoughts and deeds.  Just as the National Socialists of Germany were, back in the early 20th century.

You have been outed.  In fact, largely as a result of your timeless, unrelenting, and unrivaled chutzpah, and in the manner of a deranged pervert, you have exposed yourselves!

As a result of:
  • your century of bloody torture and murder of tens of millions of White people (and others) in your communistic zeal;
  • your blatantly open lobbying, bribery, and usurpation of our political processes, our law, and our governance;
  • your brutally dishonest and biased press and other mainstream media;
  • your cultural despoliation via television, movies, and print advertising;
  • your promotion of homosexuality, transgender behavior, and other sexual perversions;
  • your relentlessly pushing for such things as feminism, radical liberalism, and political correctness;
  • massive disinformation/brainwashing instilled in our people, and in particular in our children, over the past several generations, regarding such things as WW II history and 'holohoax' nonsense, racial differences, and much more;
  • your constant resource-wasting and deadly warmongering;
  • your efforts to degrade and destroy our White DNA -- our gene pool -- via forced integration and race-mixing with all the alien darkies of the world;
  • your advocacy and efforts to initiate and further alien, non-White immigration, both quasi-legal and illegal, into America and other White nations;
  • and so many other evil and lethal things you have done and are doing as part and parcel of your long-term goal of genociding the White race out of existence;
...you have now been identified with crystal clarity.  In this modern age of electronic and digital information availability and communications, it is now nearly impossible for any thinking, rational White person to not focus on you Jews and your crimes against White humanity.

As a result, more and more of us know who you are, what you are, and what you have done and are doing to us, our culture, our Western Civilization, and our chances of survival as a 'people' (a subspecies of humankind).  We know the truth.

Remember this -- whatever lies ahead -- whatever is coming -- you have brought it on yourselves, just as you have done so many times in the past, in so many places all over the world.  And you will richly deserve what you get as a result of your everlasting hatred of and crimes against the White race.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
November 9, 2016

How sweet it is!  Savor the day!  And now, let's get to work!

Scanning the news this morning, following Donald Trump's historic election victory, I came across several articles bemoaning the supposed fact that most of the establishment polls failed so miserably in predicting the outcome.  All sorts of crying, whining, sniveling, obfuscation, and excuse-making about the pollsters' misperformance throughout the campaign, and especially during the last few weeks and days.

Make no mistake --  these kinds of analyses do not result from an honest search for truth and enlightened analysis of 'what went wrong.'  Rather, they result from inexcusable ignorance and/or deception.   The pollsters didn't 'screw up.'  They didn't 'drop the ball.'  They didn't 'miss the boat.' Their failure resulted from their deliberate and calculated efforts at misdirection aimed at negatively influencing voter enthusiasm and turnout for Trump, thereby sabotaging his chances of winning the election.  Thankfully, it didn't get the job done.

Hopefully, more and more White American voters have now begun to recognize that this false pre-election polling, together with heavily one-sided Jewish financing of Clinton, blatant and biased favoritism of Clinton's candidacy in the media (the press, online news sites, and the pundits and talking-heads), the dearth of newspaper endorsements of Trump, and the constant, exaggerated, and vicious criticism of him and his candidacy; were all part and parcel of the effort of organized Jewry to prevent his election.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
October 22, 2016

Coming soon to a location near you -- the final and most important Trump 'rally' of the campaign.

Be sure to attend your own personal Trump rally on election day.  Make sure you are registered, and then show up at your polling place and cast your vote for Donald Trump!

When:  Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Where:  Your own conveniently located polling station.

  • To give this man -- this true patriot who is so unselfishly willing to sacrifice everything -- a chance to do the nation-saving things he has promised to do.
  • To put the brakes on the runaway insanity of the Jew-dominated anti-White-family political/media/banking establishment.
  • To prevent the dishonest, criminal, power-mad, and treasonous Hillary Clinton from becoming President and then working with Jewish power-brokers and their radical-liberal, race-traitor White minions to subjugate White Americans for the benefit of Negroes, Mestizos, and Muslims.  To prevent her from opening even further the immigration floodgates to alien, adversarial, and dangerous people from the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, and Central and South America.  To keep her from granting amnesty and citizenship to untold millions of illegal-alien invaders.  And to prevent her from doing her damndest to start a war with Russia (and China) that very likely could lead to a nuclear world war that could destroy the planet.
  • Because this is no doubt our last chance to start down the path of White redemption -- saving our Eurocentric civil society, our culture, our freedom, our Western Civilization, and indeed, our very existence as a people.
It is entirely understandable that you may not like Donald Trump and his personality all that much.  And that you might not be 100% sure Donald Trump deserves your vote.  But if you are a reasonably intelligent and decent White American who loves and values your family, and especially your children and grandchildren and their future, you know deep down that  Hillary Clinton, being the terrible person she is, does not deserve that vote.  So do what must be done -- vote for Donald Trump this coming November 8.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
October 20, 2016

Lyin' Hillary Clinton and the mainstream jewsmedia say it's just awful that Trump won't vow to accept election results if he loses -- that it endangers our democrapic system, and is unprecedented.

Nonsense!  Results of the 2000 presidential election were not just 'accepted' -- they were contested all the way to the Supreme Court.

Lyin' Hillary Clinton says (in reference to her unsupported and absolutely unproven claims of Russian hacking):  'We've never had a foreign government interfere in our elections.'

Nonsense!  Israel-controlled AIPAC and wealthy international, Zionist, Israel-first Jews interfere with our electoral process in dozens, if not hundreds of ways on a daily basis!

Two of the most agonizing events of my recent life:
  1. Watching the third debate on horrendously biased, Jew-controlled anti-Trump network television last night; and 
  2. Reading about it on Jew-owned/controlled, hugely anti-Trump CNN's website this morning

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
October 18, 2016

Now that's odd.  A bit surprising, I would say.  Strange indeed.  Funny (in the sense of funny-weird, not funny-ha-ha). Things get curiouser and curiouser.  Hmmm...

I was so impressed with the two articles linked in my previous post, and yet, neither of them so much as mentioned one of the worst women-mistreaters of the past century -- the scurrilous Michael ('Dr. Martin Luther') King.  You know -- the known fraud, liar, B.S. artist, plagiarist, whoremonger, civil insurrectionist, extortionist, rabble-rouser, Jew-tool, and communist (or at least communist sympathizer).  The 'magic Negro' who has hundreds of streets named after him in towns and cities all across the country.  The guy who has his own national holiday dedicated to his glorious remembrance.  The guy who has a huge (and hugely ugly) statue likeness of him on our National Mall in Washington D.C.  The guy who was so awful the government felt compelled to seal his FBI records for 50 years. 

For whatever reason, it seems that even the 'good guys' are reluctant to do a little truth-stomping of Saint King.  Or maybe they just forgot about him, as I did when I read their essays, and as we should all try harder to do pretty much all the time?

Thankfully, that gross negligence (or mere oversight?)  has now been corrected by Kathy Shaidle of Taki's Magazine with her post:

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
August 4, 2016

One of the most important objectives of educating children, and especially of 'public education,' is (or at least should be) to enable the group to survive, advance, and prosper.  That is true of any family, community, clan or tribe, State, or Nation.

With that in mind... If we Whites hope to reverse the genocidal decline we are now experiencing, to have any chance of survival as a people (as a subspecies of humankind), we should be teaching our children all the things that will help them achieve those ends.  All the knowledge, and all the truths available to us.  But -- only the truth, the facts, and objective reality as we currently know and understand them; along with the best, the most honest, and the most effective and productive ways of thinking about them.  Always the best science available, including well-grounded scientific theories, with the nature and degree of any doubt being clearly and thoroughly explained.

To put it another way -- an advanced people and their culture, a civilization, cannot survive if they overdose their children with politically-correct deceptions, propagandistic nonsense, historical falsehoods, and outright lies.

I would submit the following are not being taught to most of our White children and young adults -- the truth and significance about such fundamental things as:
  • Race and racialism -- the reality of biologic and genetic racial differences, including the rights of Whites to exist, as White people, in our living spaces; and the unnaturalness of race-mixing (pollution of the gene pool which leads to genetic degradation of our DNA).
  • The Negro, Mestizo, Arab/Muslim, Asian, and Jewish threats to the White race, our nations, and our Western Civilization.
  • The problems, conflicts, and other disadvantages experienced by so-called 'diverse' and 'multicultural' societies as compared with those that are racially and ethnically homogeneous.
  • The wastefulness and dangers of universal, out-group altruism (pathological altruism).
  • The self-defeating foolishness of espousing unfounded White guilt, and the idiocy of condemning (supposedly unearned and unwarranted) so-called 'White privilege.'
  • The dominance of White achievement in civilization-building; government; science, technology, and engineering; and the arts.
  • Jew-truth, including the disproportionate and devastating Jewish domination and control of White societies and nations (elections, government, the press and other media, banking and finance, education, the judicial system, popular culture).
  • Real history, such as that surrounding the Jewish role in the Russian Revolution and the spread of communism, National Socialist Germany and WW II, and the terrible, disgusting lie of the so-called Jewish 'holocaust.'
  • Jewish role in the social and political dispossession of Whites in the U.S., including their fostering non-White immigration.
  • The fallacies and dangers of forced political correctness, radical liberalism, and radical feminism.
  • The disgusting nature of, and the wrongheadedness of embracing (acceptance and 'normalization' of), sexual perversion (pornography, homosexuality, transgenderism, premature sexualization of children, pedophilia).
  • Government dishonesty, deception, brainwashing of the people, and subterfuge of all kinds.
I would assert that the above concerns are well founded and of vital importance to our racial well-being -- our prosperity and our very survival.

Therefore, they and many other related subjects should be given top priority in educating our young, from grade school through university.  We must demand the teaching of the truth about these matters and more, the 'feelings' and self-esteem of non-Whites and so-called 'protected minorities' be damned!  That is the only sane, natural, and healthy way to approach the education of our children and grandchildren.  Anything else (anything less), including the way we are currently doing it, is not just remiss; it is sick, dishonest, hateful, poison to our progeny, and self-destructive to the point of being suicidal.

Make no mistake -- in order to establish that rational approach to educating our progeny, we will need to greatly reduce, or even eliminate, such things as government mandated propaganda, political correctness, racial misinformation, pathological liberalism, and radical feminism.  And that will require that we get rid of Jewish dominance, even significant Jewish influence, over public education.